Hotel Near Buona Vista Singapore MRT Station

hotel near buona vista singapore MRT Station

Talking about transport in Singapore is definitely not separated from the MRT. One mode of transport in the city that connects the city to one another and supported many MRT stations in each place make MRT often used. And another advantage is the MRT station located in strategic places and close to centers like malls, offices or other tourist towns. Continue reading

Hotel Near Singapore National Eye Centre

hotel near singapore national eye centre

Singapore National Eye Centre is a center of eye health in Singapore that it is located at the Singapore General Hospital. SIngapore is famous for a large hospital that has a lot of specialists, one of which is the treatment of the eye. With the Singapore National Eye Centre’s existing patients with vision problems can go to this place. Continue reading

Hotels in Singapore Near Choa Chu Kang MRT Station

hotels in singapore near choa chu kang MRT Station

Although Singapore is a country that is not too wide area, but every city in Singapore is able to grow rapidly with the progress of his country. One is Choa Chu Kang, which is part of the Choa Chu Kang New Town. The city has a variety of facilities such as shopping centers, treatment, parks and sports venues. So the people who live in Choa Chu Kang will feel comfortable. Even where there is also a school education from elementary to college level. Continue reading

Hotels in Singapore Near Ang Mo Kio

hotels in singapore near ang mo kio

Ang Mo Kio is one of the cities that are in Singapore, located amid Singapore makes this city is always crowded. Although the city is not too big but in Ang Mo Kio there are public facilities such as shopping centers and traditional markets are ready to meet the needs of its population. HDB housing blocks also exist du Ang Mo Kio. Continue reading

Hotels in Singapore Near Mustafa Center

hotels in singapore near mustafa center

Mustafa Center Singapore is one of the major shopping centers visited by many tourists. There is sold various items that you might want, ranging from goods to food. And in addition to complete also the price side, than in other places the price is cheaper. So when you come to Singapore a time to come to the Mustafa Center for shopping or just eye wash. Continue reading

Hotel Near Clarke Quay Singapore

hotel near clarke quay singapore

Clarke Quay is a riverside festival area the only one in Singapore that combines food, shopping and entertainment. Over an area of ​​23,000 square meters, there are five blocks of housing and shops, which are returned to their original style in the 19th century. This area has a variety of specialty restaurants, pubs with certain themes, and do not miss the wine bar. Across the river there are a number of interesting dining experience, precisely at Riverside Point. Romantic place and can also be a very “wild” because here a lot of places “clubbing” as well. Continue reading

4 Star Hotels In Marina Bay Singapore

4 star hotels in marina bay singapore

Marina Bay a place or area that is always crowded with tourists when on holiday to Singapore. There are many interesting places that can be visited, as can be seen pantung country’s iconic Merlion Singapore. There Marina Centre as well as other entertainment venues, and advised to come at night because it is more beautiful and lively. Continue reading

4 Star Hotels In Chinatown Singapore

4 star hotels in chinatown singapore

In addition there is Little India, Singapore also has another area that is inhabited by people who have a particular racial descent. Namely Chinatown, from the name we can conclude that Chinatown is an area which left a lot of people of Chinese descent. Chinatown nuance ornaments still attached to China so if you come to Chinatown as entered in one country town of China. Continue reading